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Sunday May 20th-The Reenactors by Juliana Francis Kelly

PRESENCE @ The Geraldine Page Salon Presents

directed by TONY TORN
Sunday, May 20th @ 7PM
435 W 22nd Street
between 9th and 10th ave, New York

An actress gets cast in a play about the sole survivor of a teenage suicide pact, starts sleeping with the show’s affluent playwright/director – and then discovers that her role is based on a true story of a girl the playwright had a romantic encounter with three years before.  Unnerved, the actress sets out to find the play’s “real girl.”

Mark Citron, Natalie Engelbert, Rachael Holmes,
David Kremenitzer and Molly Ward

Juliana Francis Kelly is an OBIE Award winning actor, playwright, and doll maker.  Her first play, GO GO GO, was directed by Anne Bogart at PS 122, reprised at the London International Festival of Theater.  Other plays include BOX; THE BADDEST NATASHAS (both directed by Tony Torn) and ECSTATIC STATES.  She received a Sundance Screenwriting Fellowship for the adaptation of SAINT LATRICE; as well as project support from The Jerome Foundation; The NEA; The Greenwall Foundation; NYSCA; LMCC; and chashama. Ms. Kelly’s plays have been translated into German, Greek, and Italian, and published in the USA and Europe.  She has written for several film companies, including Cristine Vachon’s Killer Films.

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The Geraldine Page Salon
435 W 22nd Street, New York



PRESENCE @ The Geraldine Page Salon Presents




Monday, May 14th @ 830PM (note later start time)
435 W 22nd Street
between 9th and 10th ave, New York

Vacationing in the Caribbean, a middle-aged producer of vampire films and his actress wife line up two unsuspecting young people for a late night sex orgy. But when one of them fakes being a vampire to get a part in the producer’s next horror flick, things turn outrageously diabolical. This black comedy, set in a protected community on a racially segregated island, stirs up the desperate dreams of four L.A. movie types who have trouble distinguishing reality from the silver screen, even when their lives depend on it.

Drawing Blood will feature…
Faryl Amadeus, David Kremenitzer, Vicki Shaghoian,
Tony Torn, Chandler Wilder
Charles Borkhuis is a playwright, poet, screenwriter, and essayist. His plays have been performed in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hartford, and Paris. Mouth of Shadows, a book of his plays, includes Sunspots and Hamlet’s Ghosts Perform Hamlet. Two of his radio plays The Sound of Fear Clapping and Foreign Bodies were produced for NPR and are available on http://www.pennsound. He is the recipient of a Drama-logue Award, a Critic’s Choice in the L.A. Times, and the former editor of Theater:Ex, an experimental theater publication. He has studied, traveled and performed with Mabou Mines Theater and was a founding member of their workshop Re.cher.chez. He is the author of two feature film scripts Phase Change and Undercurrent. His play Present Tense was published in Stage This!-vol.3, an anthology of new plays in 2009. His plays have recently been seen at: the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Brick Theater, Poets’ Theater Festivals, and the Bushwick Starr Theatre. His most recent full-length plays are Drawing Blood (2011) and Blue Period (2012). Four
of his one-acts will be produced by the Crest Theater (NYC) in November 2012 under the title Foreign Bodies. His 8 books of poems include: Afterimage,
Savoir-Fear, Alpha Ruins,
Dinner with Franz, Proximity (Stolen Arrows), and Hypnogogic Sonnets. Alpha Ruins (Bucknell University) was selected by Fanny
Howe as a finalist for the William Carlos
Williams Book Award. His poems have been anthologized in 5 anthologies and two of his essays on contemporary
poetics have appeared in Telling it Slant and We Who Love to Be Astonished, two books published by the University of Alabama. His latest book of poems
Disappearing Acts is forthcoming from Chax Press in 2012. For 15 years, he curated
poetry readings for the Segue series, most recently at Bowery Poetry
Club in NYC.

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