This Monday 4/23! Eliza Bent’s TWAIN’S ON MAIN


PRESENCE @ The Geraldine Page Salon Presents
Twain’s On Main

directed by Jeremy Bloom

on Monday April 23rd @ 7PM
435 W 22nd Street
between 9th and 10th ave, New York








Photo Credit: Raul Gutierrez

Set in that most ancient relic from the past, a used bookshop, Twain’s on Main is a buoyantly depressing examination
of how the world around us is changing.

Twain’s on Main will feature…
Judith Greentree, Adam Lerman, Ronete Levenson, Steve Mellor, Hyatt Michaels and Jenny Schwartz

To attend the reading please RSVP to

Check out the reading series and updates by CLICKING HERE

Eliza Bent is a performer and a playwright. Recent plays: Karma Kharms (or yarns by Kharms) (Target Margin Labs at the Bushwick Starr), Toilet Time with Eliza Bent (Little Theatre at Dixon Place), Trumped! (Solo Nova Ones at Eleven), Pen Pals Meet (Iranian Theatre Festival at the Brick), Public Proposals (or smile crying) (Independent Actors Theatre, Missouri), Parallel Borgarfjörður (Dionysia residency, Iceland), The Hotel Colors (reading at the Bushwick Starr), and Asleep at the Wheel (reading at the Invisible Dog). Bent is an associate editor at American Theatre magazine, a regular collaborator with Half Straddle, and is currently completing an MFA at Brooklyn College under the instruction of mad genies Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney.

The Geraldine Page Salon
435 W 22nd Street, New York


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